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of High-Quality

Dirt - Rock - Sand - Mulch - Topsoil - Compost

"Same Day Delivery" In the Cedar Rapids, IA and Surrounding Areas.  No one else can promise this kind of service in Eastern Iowa...  No one... 

It's just part of how we do business - so we can help you get your landscaping projects done faster.


Smaller Truckloads Are Safer on Driveways
and Easier on Landscapes

We specialize in smaller dump truck loads that are safer on driveways and landscapes.  Our trucks can get into tight areas that the bigger tandem trucks can't, saving you from having to transfer materials with a wheelbarrow from one area to another.  This not only saves wear and tear on your driveway and landscape, but will save you time on your landscaping project!

Don't Have Time to Spread Rock or Mulch?

In addition to delivery of materials, we can also spread Rock out for gravel driveways or spread River Rock or Mulch in your perennial beds and landscape.

of How Much Landscape Material You Will Need

Many contractors try to "guesstimate" how much topsoil, rock, or mulch is needed for a given project... making you spend more than you have to...or worse...coming up short when you're trying to finish up a project.

Simply call us at (319) 350-0803 and place your order for landscape materials.  We'll take care of the complex calculations to find out EXACTLY how much material you'll need.  Done right, the first time.  Just one of the free added services of ordering your landscape material through us.

Best Selection of
High-Quality Landscape Materials...

We have carefully selected the best quality of topsoil, mulch, sand, and rock available in the area.  Through years of experience and locating different materials, we've come up with one of the widest selections in the area.  We have materials that you won't find at the other "Big Box Home Stores", such as specialized, kid-safe playground wood chips.

Here Is a Sampling of the
High-Quality Materials We Offer:


Clump-Free Black Dirt
Clump-Free Black Dirt
Our high-quality pulverized black dirt has been processed through a special machine to remove clumps.  Ideal for lawns, landscaping, and garden applications.
Fill Dirt Fill Dirt
Fill dirt is also available depending on availability.  Great for filling in larger areas, and then covering with our black dirt for a lush, green landscape.


Red Color-Enhanced Mulch

Gold Color-Enhanced Mulch

Medium-Brown Color-Enhanced Mulch

Walnut Brown Color-Enhanced Mulch

Black Color-Enhanced Mulch

Color-Enhanced Hardwood Mulch
Clean material with improved color and texture.  Available in the following colors to create a beautiful landscape:
  • Red
  • Gold
  • Medium-Brown
  • Walnut Brown
  • Black

Technology is changing and improving rapidly in both pigments and machinery in the production of color enhanced hardwood mulch, creating a HIGH-QUALITY mulch to accentuate your landscape.

Natural Premium Hardwood Mulch

Natural Premium Shredded Hardwood Mulch
A Pure 100% Organic Double-Processed Mulch that is made fresh daily.  This mulch has a natural, rich dark color that looks great in any landscape and produces beautiful perennial beds.  This product can be used anywhere you want to quickly improve the look of your landscape.

Premium Red Cedar Mulch

Premium-Grade Red Cedar Mulch
All-Natural and Long-Lasting Red Cedar Mulch is one of the most popular products we deliver.  This mulch is wonderfully fragrant and extremely durable.  A great value in creating a beautiful landscape that you are sure to enjoy.

Southern Gold Pine Mulch

Southern Gold Peeled Pine Mulch
This is a great "look-alike" for Red Cedar Mulch at a lower price.  A durable, wonderful-looking mulch that knits together well to create a nice weed barrier.

Econo Mulch

Econo Mulch
A generic hardwood mulch for those looking for a value-priced material.  The Econo-Mulch is a great product that can be used the same way as any other hardwood mulch at a lower price.

Kid-Safe Playground Wood Chips
Kid-Safe Playground Wood Chips
All Natural Engineered Wood Fiber specifically designed for safe playground use.  This is a great product for playgrounds, schools, parks, and daycare areas.  Wheelchair accessible.

Topsoil and Compost

High-Quality Topsoil
Specially-Sifted and Screened High-Quality Topsoil
We have the BEST QUALITY Topsoil available in the area.  Our topsoil has been sifted through a special screening process with a nice mixture of selected organic matter, rich in compost and nutrients. 

Ideal for Lawn Patching, New Lawns, Vegetable Gardens, Flower Beds, Shrubs and Trees. 

Pure Organic Compost
Pure Organic Compost
A Pure Organic Nutrient-Rich Compost will give you the lush, green landscaping that you will enjoy, and your neighbors will envy.

This compost is a terrific soil conditioner that can be used for mulching, amending and top-dressing, among many other uses.


River Rock
River Rock
River Rock - Various Sizes Available - Great for Landscaping Areas.
  • 1/2 to1 inch
  • 2 to 3 inches
  • 3 to 6 inches

Pea Gravel
Pea Gravel Sized River Rock
Small "Pea Gravel" River Rock - Great for Landscaping and Playground Areas.
  • 3/8 to 1/2 inch in size
Various Sizes of Gravel Available Gravel
Top quality limestone gravel available in several sizes.
  • 1 inch Roadstone
  • 3/8 inch Minus - Fill
  • 1 inch Minus
  • 2 inch Minus
  • 4 inch Minus
  • Washed chips
  • 3/4 inch Clean
  • 1 inch Clean
  • 2 inch Clean
  • Oversize


Various Grades of Sand Available Sand
Various grades of sand available for all applications. 
  • Playground Sand
  • Bank Sand
  • Concrete Sand
  • Fill Sand
  • Mason Sand (This is the best sand for sandboxes!)


Higher-Quality Landscape Materials...
At A Better Price Than Most Home Stores

Some people try and"Save Big Money" by driving their car to their local Home Store, buying multiple bags of dirt, rock, or mulch, and dragging it home.  And many times this actually takes multiple trips!  Think of all the wasted time, gas, and money it takes to drag multiple bags of mulch or topsoil home in your car.

Don't Go Through All That Hassle...Save Time and Money By Calling Us and We Will:

  • Give you the BEST SELECTION of landscape materials around

  • Determine EXACTLY how much material you'll need


  • ...At a price that is many times CHEAPER than your Local Home Store

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